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Take your Beavers, Cubs and Scouts outside with this week's five-minute filler! Burn off some excess energy - yours and theirs - but whatever you do, don't get caught by The Blob!

The Blob is a great game to play outside with your younger Scouts as the weather warms up (although it will work just as well indoors if you have enough space). The Blob is an amped up game of tag, which will get everyone's hearts racing!

Before you start playing, make sure everyone knows the boundaries of the playing area. Anyone who runs outside of those boundaries will become part of The Blob!

Pick three volunteers. Have the volunteers line up in the front and hold each other’s hands. These volunteers will start off as The Blob and must hold hands at all times.

The purpose of the game is to not be touched by The Blob. If a person is touched by it, the person becomes part of The Blob and must hold hands with a person on either end.

The Blob tries to tag everyone while running together and holding hands. The last Scout standing wins the game! 

Need to speed things up? You can get each of your volunteers to act as a solo Blob!

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