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No matter how prepared you are, when activities finish earlier than anticipated it can leave you wondering what to do with those spare five minutes. If you’re stuck for ideas why not divide your group into teams and drum up some colourful competition with this active quiz game.

The colour game

Divide your group into teams. Ask each team to sit in a line (like they are queueing) at one end of the room. Place five chairs at the other end. Allocate each chair a sign of either 'Red', 'Blue', 'Yellow', 'Black', or '?'. Ask a set of questions with each answer featuring a colour. For example:

  • what’s the longest running children’s TV programme? (Blue Peter)
  • which monster is really jealous of other people? (Green Eyed Monster)
  • which female popstar had a hit with ‘So What’ (Pink)
  • what was pirate Captain Edward Teach’s nickname? (Black Beard)
  • which band is really ‘hot’ and spicy? (Red Hot Chilli Peppers)
  • what colour is the background of the flag of Saint Andrew? (Blue)

Read out a question to the whole group and then say 'go'. The person at the front of each line can confer with their group or if they already know the answer they must run up and sit on the chair labelled with the correct colour. If the answer features a colour that isn’t ‘Red’ ‘Blue’ ‘Yellow’ or ‘Black’ they must sit on the chair with a ‘?’. Ask the first person who sits down on the chair what the answer is.

Give one point for a right answer given for colours red, blue, black and yellow, and three points for a “?”. To discourage guessing, deduct a point for anyone sitting on the wrong chair, or sitting on a chair without knowing the correct answer. Run the quiz as a relay and whoever gets the most points wins a prize.

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