Activity | #BoredomBusters - Week 5

Boredom Busters Wekk 5

If you’re running low on last-minute activity ideas and inspiration, fear not! Here are this week’s #BoredomBusters to get those creative juices flowing...

 1.    Craft: Box frames

Unleash your inner artist by using old box lids as frames for your latest sketching. If you’re feeling super arty you could even decorate the frame with a mosaic of old newspaper cuttings for a quirky vintage look.

Box Lid Frames BLOG

2.    Outdoor Activity: Make giant bubbles

Because who doesn’t love popping giant bubbles!

 Clint Mason Bubbleblog

3.    Indoor activity: Activity cube

Time to tire out your restless Scouts with an activity cube game. If you’re entertaining older kids why not change the activities to challenges like ‘sing a song but replace the lyrics for ‘blah’ until somebody guesses the title’.  

Ac Tivity Cube BLOG

4.    Food: Peanut butter cup sandwich

Not advisable if you’re on a health kick, but this deliciously easy toasted sarnie will be a winner with your Scouts. Yum!

Peanut Butter Sandwich BLOG

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