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Dust off your fishing nets, pull on your wellies and get out to our spectacular ponds and rivers to see what creatures are about.


What you’ll need:

  • fine mesh fishing nets
  • shallow white bowls or trays
  • copies of a pond dipping identification sheet. The Woodland Trust has lots of good ones
  • The Young People's Trust for the Environment has an excellent fact sheet about all aspects of pond life 

Top tip!

Why not make your own net by taping a kitchen sieve to a long pole?

What to do

1. Find a suitable pond or lake in your local area.

2. Dip the nets into the pond and sweep them gently through the water to catch any bugs (invertebrates) living there. Focus on areas full of weeds, and the edges and bottom of the pond.

3. Check the nets regularly for finds and tip any creatures into a collection tray or bowl. Add a little pond water so the bugs can swim around. White containers will help you to see the bugs more clearly.

4. Use an identification sheet to help you identify the bugs and tick off all the bugs you’ve found. Discuss the threats that face these creatures.

5. Return the bugs safely to their ponds.


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