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Delve into the icky side of science with your younger Scouts and help them discover a whole world of revolting fun facts!


The science

Snot a bad thing

Snot may look gross and slimy and make you talk funny when it blocks your nose, but it’s actually really good for you.

Otherwise known as mucus (pronounced myoo-cus), snot is basically a bodyguard for your nose, fighting off any nasty germs that try to get into your nostrils.

To be or snot to be

Snot lines the inside of your nose and sinuses and catches the tiny particles of rubbish we tend to sniff up, like pollen and dust. This prevents any nastiness making it’s way to your lungs, which will make you sick.

If germs do manage to sneak past when your snot is looking the other way, your body will call for back up and extra snot will come to the rescue and wash the bad germs away (this is why we get runny noses).

Interesting fact

Snot is mostly made up of water, sugar, proteins and a few other chemicals that make it sticky and disgusting looking.

Top tip – don’t eat your bogeys!

Basically, bogies are dry snot, which are mixed with all kinds of disgusting germs that’ll make you ill! 



Make your own snot!

There are loads of ways to make fake snot, but this is one of the easiest and it doesn’t require any glue or Borax. You could carry out this experiment while delivering the lesson above!

You’ll need:

  • corn flour
  • green food colouring
  • water
  • mixing bowl
  • stirring stick (an old pencil will do)

What to do:

1. Empty out a good portion of the corn flour into the mixing bowl and add a little water. 

2. Pour in some green food colouring and stir up your crazy concoction. 

3. Keep stirring and add more corn flour if your snot is too runny. 

4. Stir until you have a bowl of gooey, slimy snot!


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