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A busy visit to Merseyside with Hannah last weekend provided a snapshot of our full Scouting for All strategy in action.  Better Prepared, community impact and youth-shaped Scouting, all summed up by a shared sense of excitement and enthusiasm!

Better prepared

3rd Knowsley are in the middle of the 5th most deprived ward of England and we were there to see how they had added a Beaver Colony as part of the Youth United funded Better Prepared campaign.  The enthusiastic leadership team spanned 4 generations.  They had tried ‘the usual mailshots’ etc to recruit leaders but their Regional Development Officer set about recruiting through the schools and holding a very successful taster evening from which a leader and team emerged.  The Group continues to thrive.

Having an impact

Nearby 1st Woth are undertaking a Community Impact pilot.  The Scouts told us how they had identified the local Whitechapel Centre for disadvantaged young people as an organisation they wished to help and set about generating fundraising ideas and joint activities to help make a bigger difference to the lives of others as well as themselves. 

Scouts Speaking Up

On Saturday morning we joined Merseyside's second Scouts Speaking Up event.  120 Scouts, Explorers and young adults were joined by 15 local ‘key influencers’ from politicians, mayors, police and the community to hear the views of young people and to explore solutions before participating in a debate in the Council Chambers. 

It became clear that there are major concerns around education and exams. I enjoyed exploring how Scouting can play its part practically as well as by lobbying for change in these key areas. 

A grilling

A long drive south got me to Bournemouth in time to spend the evening and Sunday morning at their County Development day, and hosting a 60 minute Q&A session before chatting to everybody though the evening. 

These are all great opportunities for me to listen and learn about the challenges faced, explaining why we are doing what we are doing in many cases and exploring new ideas.

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