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Summer Of Adventure TW Manifesto2

Chief Scout Bear Grylls is putting an end to boredom this summer with a whole host of challenges from his Kids' Manifesto. Last week, we talked about spending a night under the stars; this week, it's time to turn your attention to learning a new skill! Take a look at the most useful things you told us you've learnt at Scouts...

'How to cook the perfect eggy bread!'

Eggy Bread

'How to talk to a group of people without going beetroot!'

Red Faced

'How to sew on a badge (mostly) straight.'


'How to survive in the wilderness!'


'How to light a fire.'

Start A Fire

'That getting lost isn't always a bad thing!'

Lost In The Woods


'How to reorganise a night in 30 seconds.'

30 Seconds

'How not to lose your temper at 4am...'


'The art of distraction!'

Distraction 2

'How to make hot chocolate for 60!'

Hot Chocolate

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