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Think Easter egg hunts are a bit old school? Think again. Here are some truly eggcellent tips for creating a cracking egg hunt. (Sorry we couldn’t resist)

1. Decorate your route with egg garlands and dot around some painted empty egg shells as red herrings to throw off hunters.

Easter Eggs LS 1


2. Create a hub where hunters can regroup to discuss clues and refuel with homemade lemonade or ginger beer and some of these adorable chick cupcakes.

Easter Chick Cupcakes LS


3. Ask guests to come in fancy dress, because who doesn’t love an excuse to reuse that old Harry Potter costume. Those without a costume can make these simple bunny ears.

 Bunny Ear Pinterest LS


4. Disguise your clues using invisible ink or hide them in homemade glitter slime.

Glitter Slime


5. Challenge hunters with a cycling Easter egg hunt to get them racing through the forest or a mountain hike hunt with eggs hidden in stone walls and crags. Feeling super organised? Plan the route on google maps in your shape of choice.

Cycling LS


6. Hide the final clue to the main chocolate haul inside a balloon or stick it on the side of one. Then blow up a load more balloons so the clue is even trickier to find among them.

Balloons LS


7. If you’ve got plenty of time on your hands you could even make your own Easter eggs

Richard BH Flickr LS

Happy hunting!

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