Blog | 10 unofficial camping rules to make sure you have the best trip ever


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We asked you what you'd add to a list of ultimate camping rules and here are your responses!

'Turn off the phones!'

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'The kettle should always be boiled.'

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'Don't end up accidentally feeding the midges!'

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'Watch the stars at night...'

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'...And the sun rise in the morning!'

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'Make time for a sing-song round the campfire.'

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'Once you've finished packing, add one extra blanket.'

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'Nap, eat and relax, but try and do one new activity you'll always remember.'

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'Set up camp upwind of the toilets...'

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'...And decide whether you need to use one before you get into your sleeping bag!'

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These tips sound pretty sensible to us! Let us know which ones you'd add by visiting our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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