Activity| Easy Easter makes and bakes


Activity- Easy Easter makes and bakes 2

There’s more to do this Easter than eating your body weight in chocolate. Here are some fun activities to keep you busy during your Easter break.


1. Brown sack Easter masks

Transform into a lamb or rabbit for Easter by making a mask out of a brown paper bag.

Brown Sack Easter Masks 2


2. Chocolate and pretzel bark

Easter Eggs not your thing? Try your hand at making chocolate and pretzel bark for an alternative Easter treat. If you fancy sharing, grab some cellophane gift bags (or freezer bags) and fill them up with the bark to give away to family and friends.

Chocolate and pretzel bark


3. Eggshell mosaic picture frame

Frame your favourite Easter weekend memories in a photo frame decorated with eggshells. A great excuse for a massive fry up too!

Eggshell Mosaic  Picture  Frame 2


4. Easter nest cupcakes

Cupcakes with a chocolate and mini eggs topping - who could resist?

Easter nest cupcakes


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