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Spring is officially here and with the clocks going forwards this Sunday you’ll have even more hours of sunlight to fill with fun and adventure. If you’re running low on ideas and inspiration, fear not! Here are this week’s #BoredomBusters to get those creative juices flowing...


1. Craft: Lava lamps

Time to brighten up the weekend with some super simple homemade fluorescent lava lamps. As an alterntive, why not try making your own sensory bubble tube. Show us your artistic flair and post your pics on our Facebook page.

Lava Bags

2. Outdoor activity: Shaving cream balloon tag

It’s a game of tag, but massively pimped up with water balloons filled with cream, ready to be popped and smeared.  It’s a messy one, so probably best to avoid playing this in your Scout HQ. (Handy hint: if you’re not keen on using shaving cream fill them up with spray whipped cream)

Shavingcream2 Edited

3. Indoor activity: Balloon tennis

Come rain or shine this fail-safe game of balloon tennis is a winner for all ages. Play it indoors for all the Andy Murray training without the fear of what those hard tennis balls could do to your windows. Crank up the fun factor with jokey dares for anyone who drops the balloon.


4 Food: Campfire banana boats

If you’re out on camp and feeling that lingering winter chill, warm up the troops with a gooey banana boat. Our favourite filling is Mars bar and marshmallow. Stop drooling, start cooking.

Banana Boat Edited  

For more great ideas take a look at our Pinterest boards.

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