Activity | #BoredomBusters - Week 1


496 Nachos Campfire

With the nights still dark and the weekends drizzly, we want to share some of the best ideas we’ve found on how to keep young people entertained! We hope these #BoredomBusters will help you get through the winter weekends!


1 Indoor activity: make a laser obstacle course

Liven up a wintery weekend by making your own laser obstacle course in your house or HQ!

Laser Obstacle Course


2 Craft: bird feeder from plastic bottle

Get crafty and help encourage wildlife in your garden and HQ with this upcycled plastic bottle bird feeder!

Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder


3 Food: campfire nachos

If you’re out on camp, why not try this amazing recipe for campfire nachos?

Nachos Campfire


4 Outdoor Activity: animal footprint tracker

You don’t need to be on camp, or on survival training to learn more about nature. Try tracking the wildlife in your own garden or HQ with this animal footprint tracker

Foot Print Trap


For more ideas have a look at our Pinterest boards.



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