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We asked for your top tips on how to recover after a camping trip, and here they are…


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‘Have a shower, eat a huge meal and sleep in a good bed!’


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‘Download your pictures! Helps to make it all feel worth it…’


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‘Ask parents to pick up from the hut rather than the camp. That way leaders aren't left alone to put away dry kit or put up wet kit to dry.’



‘Start counting down the days down until the next one.’


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‘Drink a hot cup of tea, eat a large, hot dinner and get into a bath.’


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‘See how long you can stay in camp mode for! (It takes me about eight hours before I take off my necker!’


Lost Prop

‘Send round an email of all the lost property.’


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‘Go out for dinner with your fellow leaders – good to have a laugh, debrief and get some closure before camp comedown kicks in!’


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‘Put a pizza in the oven, take a shower, eat, enjoy.’


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‘Start on the laundry. If you’re lucky you’ll emerge some time before the next camp.’

Do you have any more tips to make the post-camping transition a little easier? Let us know on our Twitter and Facebook pages!

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