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There are 2.5 billion people across the world living without a clean, safe and private place to go to the toilet. Without toilets, people have to go outdoors, which causes widespread disease and illness as well as embarrassment. Try this activity with your Cubs and Scouts to help them reflect on what life would be like without a toilet, and get them to think about solutions to the problem.

Time you need:

  • 45 minutes

Equipment you need:

  • Unlabelled latrine posters.
  • Labelled latrine posters.
  • Paper.
  • Pens.
  • Craft materials to build your models.

You can find the posters in the #amillionhands resource packs.

What to do:

  1. If you have the facilities, start by showing the WaterAid film ‘Imagine’, and ask the group to recall some of the main points from the film.
  2. Older sections could consider accessibility issues when creating their designs. For example, would their toilet be suitable for people in wheelchairs, children, the elderly or the blind?
  3. This activity can also be run as a role play activity. The group should all come into the meeting space and see an ‘out of order’ sign displayed on the toilet.
  4. Ask them to imagine what it would be like without a toilet for the day, what would they do?
  5. What about if they didn’t have a toilet for a week/ a month/ a year, how would they deal with it then?
  6. Can they think of an ingenious way of using minimal natural materials to create a toilet the group can use?
  7. Show the WaterAid film ‘Imagine’
  8. Show the WaterAid composting latrine film


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World Challenge Award

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