Activity | #BoredomBusters - Week 2


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The weather is slowly beginning to brighten up, so we've come up with a mixture of indoor and outdoor #BoredomBusters for you to get stuck into this weekend!

1. Indoor activity: target golf

No video games needed with this DIY target golf game! Try it yourself at home or at your HQ with an old cardboard box.

Target Golf Square

2. Craft: paracord watch strap

Check out this great tutorial showing how to make your own woven paracord watchband or bracelet.

Watch Square

3. Outside activity: winter bird bath

Get outside and help your local birdlife by making this simple but effective winter bird bath.

Winter Bird Bath Square

4. Food : camp burrito

If you’re heading out on camp this weekend, pre-prepare these simple breakfast burritos. Wake up, chuck them on the embers in their foil and enjoy a hearty, easy and delicious start to the day!

Camp Burrito Square

For more inspiration, take a look at our Pinterest boards.

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