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We asked for the top bits of wisdom you'd give to your 18-year-old selves if you had the chance, and here they are!



'Take a chance and be brave, don't stand back and regret it later.' 

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'Always do your best, never regret your choices and grab every opportunity.'

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'If it isn’t fun anymore, do something else.' 

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 'What you decide to do now does not determine what you do for the rest of your life.' 

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 'When someone says, "don't make the same mistakes as me" – listen!' 

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'If you try something once and enjoy it, do it again.' 

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'Do what you love and love what you do.' 

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'Be the best you can be.' 

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'Enjoy yourself but learn from your mistakes.' 

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'You are braver than you believe.' 

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