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We've come up with a list of celebrities and characters who show off their Scout spirit in everything they do - do you agree?


1. Ant and Dec

They've spent more than a decade laughing at celebrities' misfortune on I'm a Celeb, so hopefully they'd help you find humour at 2am when the campfire's all burnt out, your tummy is rumbling and you're sure you can hear growling from that cluster of trees behind you...

Ant And Dec

2. Usain Bolt

The ability to move as quickly as Bolt can would make him the perfect choice for adventure courses and wide games. If these are your favourite activities, then he's the man to have onside. Plus, with the classic Bolt pose, we reckon he wouldn't look out of place in a gangshow either!

Usain Bolt

3. Katniss Everdeen

With a whole host of Hunger Games survival skills at her disposal, Katniss would be an unbeatable presence at summer camp. Plus, Jennifer Lawrence's love of  pizza, which she mentions every time a camera is in front of her, would make her the queen of backwoods cooking.


4. James Bond

Bond is clearly the kind of leader who'd step out of a forest after three days of camping looking just as suave as when he went in. With a real knack for gadgets, James Bond is the ideal leader for those Scouts who just can't get enough of technology.

 James Bond

5. Top Gear Trio

There's no beating these three for some help with your more widespread adventures. Whether you want to find the fastest way to hike through some mountains or the easiest way to hop between your international adventures, these guys have you covered.

Top Gear

6. Indiana Jones

Years and years of seeking adventure, solving mysteries and wearing excellent hats have equipped Indy with a whole host of skills that would make an excellent Scout leader. Furthermore, as an archaeology teacher you just know he'd be able to keep Cubs and Beavers in line!


7. Kirsty and Phil

The perfect duo to call if you're starting up a new Scout Group! Phil will find and secure the Scout Hut you've always dreamed of, while Kirsty will take one look at your District's Pinterest Board and create a space that your Scouts will be proud to traipse mud through!

Phil And Kirsty

8. Chris Hoy

We're sure that Chris would be the Scout leader to motivate the whole Group on dull and dreary days. With six gold medals to his name and a new career in motor sports about to take off, there wouldn't be a dull moment with him at the helm!

Chris Hoy

9. Mary Berry

As well as undoubtedly having the knowledge to whip you up a delicious campfire bake with the most meagre of ingredients, we're fairly sure that she'd keep all Scouts in line; nobody wants to be on the receiving end of a Mary Berry frown!

Mary Berry

10. Ade Adepitan

Ade would be an amazing leader for any fame-hungry Scouts out there. As a BBC presenter and actor, he's had the chance to film all of his adventures, from trekking through deserts and rainforests in Nicaragua to hosting the Winter Paralympics. We imagine he'd have stories to tell, which would keep us all captivated!

Ade Adepitan

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