Blog |10 confusing things you've had to confiscate from your Scouts


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We asked you for the strangest things you've ever had to confiscate from your are your responses, from the weird to the wonderful!

'A milk tooth which had fallen out. He kept putting it back in and chasing the other Scouts.'

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'Hemorrhoid cream - a Beaver's mum picked up the wrong tube from the bathroom. He wanted hand cream.'

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'A hand-carved wooden stake for killing vampires on a weekend camp.'

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'A Happy Meal. He was eating it after carrying it around for three days.'

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'A laptop on a night hike.'

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'A portable GPS with the OS map of the area and our route pre-programmed. We were doing map-reading - I think he missed the point.'

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'A 10-litre can of petrol "to make fire-lighting easier".'

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'Teddy bears from some possessive Explorers.'

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'A musical toothbrush providing the soundtrack to a late-night teddy bear's disco.'

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'A plastic bugle from a Scout jumble sale. After two hours on the mini-bus his poor knot skills meant it dropped off his rucksack at a river-crossing.'

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Have you had to confiscate anything this mind-boggling from your Scouts? Head on over to our Facebook and Twitter pages and let us know! 

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