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Wallet Ninja Resize

If the Scouts in your life are impossible to buy for, we think we’ve got the answer! Have a read of our ultimate Christmas gift guide for the most intrepid and adventurous Scouts you know.


Brunton Resize

Brunton Hydrogen Reactor Portable Charger

This device, which has blown our minds a bit, combines hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity on-the-move and under any conditions. There are no toxic chemicals involved as it recharges from water, which makes it a great gift for anyone who wants to keep their GPS system or rechargeable torch all powered up at camp.

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Mugs Plates Resize

Enamel bowl, mug and plate

Simple and effective, your basic bowl, mug and plate are essential for all of next year’s adventures. They’re light enough to throw in your bag and hardy enough to withstand anything that’s been on the campfire for a minute too long.

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Sporknife Resize

Scout Heritage All-In-One Sporknife

Now you’ve got something to eat off, you’re likely to need something to eat with. The spork has a fork/spoon head for eating and a serrated edge for slicing, all of which can be attached to the inside of your bag or coat for the ultimate meal on the go.

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Looftlighter Resize

The Original Looftlighter

As well as having a name which is incredibly fun to say, this ingenious device will light your campfire in under a minute without the use of lighter fluid. It works by super-heating the air around it, so it is totally eco-friendly as well.

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Scrubba Washbag

The Scrubba is based on the idea of washboards, which have been around for centuries, but are too bulky to pop in your rucksack before a fortnight of exploring. Each Scrubba is made up of a flexible washboard inside a waterproof bag – simply add water and washing powder for clean clothes on the go.

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Vango Resize

Vango Self Inflating Trek Roll Camping Mat (Standard)

Perfect for those moments where sleeping directly on rock, mud or sand seems less than appealing, this camping mat is a great gift for any camping addicts. It self-inflates for minimum fuss, and it’s got a non-slip base, which means you’ll wake up exactly where you went to sleep.

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Wallet Ninja Resize

Wallet Ninja 18-in-1 Pocket Multi-Tool

Clearly anything with the word ‘ninja’ in its name is an instant bonus, and this wallet-sized tool will not disappoint the industrious Scouts in your life. This 18-in-1 tool includes a wrench, a screw driver, a can, bottle and letter-opener, a fruit-peeler and a ruler.

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Roberts Resize

ROBERTS Solar DAB Digital Radio

This radio uses the sun instead of electricity to charge, which is handy when you need your fix of pop music in the wilderness. There’s a rechargeable battery in there too so you won’t be plunged into silence when the sun goes in and you can even plug your iPod in for the ultimate mid-camp party.

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Headtorch Resize

Silverpoint Hunter 5LED Head Torch

An ideal way to navigate back to your campsite in the depths of night, this weatherproof torch will provide light for up to 50 hours. You even get a choice between white and red LEDs to preserve your night vision when you need it most.

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Solar Kettle Resize

Solar Kettle

For a cuppa which doesn’t require electricity or batteries, this solar-powered kettle is the answer. You only need to add water and pop it in the sun for a hot cup of tea, coffee or cocoa and it will even make a warm enough drink when it’s cloudy!

Available at


100 Objects

A History of Scouting in 100 Objects

For the history buff in your life, A History of Scouting in 100 Objects would definitely go down well! There's something for everyone in here, from the badge that went all the way to the moon to the copy of Scouting for Boys that made it to the North Pole.

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