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We meet an inspiring Explorer Scout who’s living life to the max...

My name is Susanne-Marie and I am an Explorer in Surrey Heath. I go to college and am hoping to take up taekwondo soon. I’ve got my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award and am looking forward to starting my DofE Silver. I love being part of the worldwide family of Scouts, going camping whenever I can and trying to keep a positive outlook on life.

Oh, just one more thing...I’m disabled.

I have something called delayed learning difficulties: speech problems, fine and gross motor difficulties. Cold weather can be a real problem for me, but hey, it would be a boring world if we were all the same...

Fun, family and so much mud!

I was a Rainbow and Brownie but I also used to go to the Cub meetings as my mum and dad are leaders. It always looked like so much fun so I officially joined in 2007. I was able to go the UK Jamboree with my family – so many people, lots of fun and so much mud!

Nobody in Scouting sees me as being disabled. I am treated like everybody else and have the same opportunities to do my best. I can’t ever see myself not being involved in Scouting in some way.

There are times on camp when I’ve been wet, cold and very, very tired but I find it hard to remember those times. I remember great campfires and loud songs. I remember the fun and excitement.

I meet new people all the time when I’m at clubs, college and Scouting. The difference is that everyone I’ve met in Scouting is always positive and the leaders are really eager that we reach our full potential. I have fun and do loads of interesting stuff; I get to help out at Beaver meetings and sleepovers (with my mum) and Cub meetings and camps (with my dad).  The Beavers are the best because they say such funny things.

Next stop: Japan

One of the things I’m looking forward to is the World Scout Jamboree in Japan and meeting people from all over the world and making friends that I will keep in touch with for the rest of my life.

Being disabled and having learning problems can be difficult but Scouting has helped me to prove to myself that I can achieve anything. Instead of saying ‘I wish I could do this or try that’, I now say ‘how can I do this’ or ‘when can I try that’.

There is always someone to help me when I am learning new skills. I think the best thing is being told to never give up. When I did my DofE Bronze with my school I received a special award. My teacher said I excelled in everything I tried. I never gave up; that’s how Scouting has helped me.

Receiving my Chief Scout’s Gold Award was awesome and I know my mum and dad were very proud of me. Meeting Bear Grylls was pretty cool too!

Scouting has shown me that the harder I work the more I will achieve. I feel confident to try new things, to see new places and to always go that bit further for what I want. This has helped me in school and now college.


My mum helped me to write this as I don’t always get my words the right way round, but I’m trying hard and getting better every day. Thanks mum – you’re the best.


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