Scouts say #iwill: Community impact group

Community impact

We’re proud to support the Step up to Serve #iWill campaign, which aims to double the number of young people taking part in meaningful social action by the year 2020.

Scouts have been at the forefront of social action for over one hundred years – for example during Scout Community Week this year volunteers and young people worked on over 3,000 projects. Social action benefits young people’s lives and has a positive impact on their communities. Our research has shown:

97% think that improving the lives of others is an important part of Scouting.

93% said that knowing they have made a difference to people or the environment through Scouting is important to them.

87% think that Scouting should help them to take social action.

85% said that taking part in social action through Scouting would inspire them to talk about their experiences to others in a positive way.

The Community Impact Group has been set up so that young people can take the lead on social action projects. It consists of 11 young people and four adults who provide leadership and direction on social action across The Scout Association. Group member Becky Alexander, 21, says: 'We’re going to tackle some incredibly relevant issues both in the UK and worldwide; it’s a unique and exciting opportunity for Scouting to really make a difference.'

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