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Takeover Day

UK Youth Commissioner, Hannah Kentish, leads today’s takeover...

Today is Children’s Commissioner Takeover Day. Here at the Scouts all our social media channels are being run by me, as well as my two deputies, Jay and Jagz (pictured with me above), to mark the occasion. However, looking at Scouting for All and the fantastic work we deliver day in and day out across the UK, I feel confident in saying that every day feels like a ‘takeover day’ at Scouts...

Taking the reins

My appointment as UK Youth Commissioner, along with my deputies, kick-started the most exciting development yet in helping Scouting become more youth shaped, which is of course a key strategic aim in our 2018 Vision.

Working alongside Wayne, Matt and Bear, I can help to ensure that UK Scouting listens to the voices of its young people and delivers what we, as young people, really want.

A fantastic example of how this will work is our first UK Scout Youth Council, which enables any one of our 450,000 young people to shape their own Scouting experience; this may be at a national level through the council, in their local area through local councils and initiatives as well as resources and support provided by my team.

Most importantly, it will be in Groups and sections where young people can choose what activities they do in Scouting, delivering a real youth-led programme.

Youth empowerment

The 2015 Programme updates provide an opportunity for even more young people to develop their leadership and teamwork skills, and to share their skills with their peers. The Programme refresh also focuses on the partnership of young people working with their leaders to ensure that they are influencing their entire Scouting experience.

We are always making sure that Scouting continues to be an exciting and relevant movement for young people to be involved with; I know that there are already some amazing Groups working in conjunction with their young people to provide this holistic approach to Scouting. I hope to hear from all young people in Scouting and how they have been sharing their experiences of being in control of their own adventure.

I’m so excited by the amazing reception that my appointment as the first UK Youth Commissioner has had. Judging by our plans for the future, I can confidently say that going forward, everyday will be like ‘take over day’ for UK Scouting as we lead the way in youth involvement.


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