Bear says: ‘I will’



As we celebrate the first anniversary of the #iwill campaign, Bear Grylls talks about Scouting’s commitment to the cause...

Social action

The #iwill campaign, which is run by the charity, Step Up To Serve (launched last year by the Prince of Wales), aims to make social action the norm for all 10-20 year-olds in the UK by 2020.  Youth social action is defined as ‘young people taking practical action in the service of others’, such as volunteering, fundraising or campaigning.

The #iwill campaign also promotes the fact that social action not only benefits the young participants, but also strengthens their communities, creating a double benefit.

Since launching, #iwill has helped secure significant new funding for youth social action, as well as support from over one hundred business, education, faith and voluntary sector organisations. The Scout Association’s CEO, Matt Hyde, was also appointed as one of Step Up To Serve’s Trustees.

All supporters have given pledges of support, including The Scout Association and Chief Scout, Bear Grylls – check out our pledge.

‘Young people can change the world'

Bear Grylls talks about our support for the campaign:

‘As UK Chief Scout I love to support the work The Scout Association does to change the lives of young people. #iwill is an inspired initiative that encourages young people to get involved with their local community and change how that community functions for the better.’

He continues: ‘By taking part in social action, young people are able to strengthen their communities as well as develop their character and skills. We want every young person to have the chance to fully participate and create a positive habit for life. When we volunteer to do things for others it makes them and you feel good. Young people can change the world.’


Follow the campaign on Twitter using #iwill.

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