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Better Prepared Steffi

Better Prepared will ensure Scouting is there for those that need it most; helping to prepare more young people throughout the UK for a brighter future. Steffi talks about how Scouts changed her life...


‘Scouting has changed my life at school as well as my life at home.

‘I used to be that quiet girl that wouldn’t do anything at school or I would never be in any of my lessons. I was close to being chucked out actually, and being sent to a special behavioural school because my behaviour was so bad. Scouts changed my personality, bringing out the things I never thought it would bring out, such as confidence and teamwork abilities.

‘My behaviour problems used to be abusive towards teachers. Because I was quiet they used to come up to me and tell me to get involved more; I never wanted to get involved so I started verbally abusing them. When I was little it used to be physical but as I got older it just became verbal. I used to have a set mind and I wouldn’t do what I didn’t want to do.

‘Being involved in the Scouts has pushed me to do new things and has helped me to get over that barrier. I used to get a lot of exclusions too; I had a six-month exclusion at one point. I was at Scouts every Thursday during that period and it helped me to realise that I was throwing my education away and how important my qualifications were.

‘I was a straight A* student when I joined secondary school, which declined a lot; Scouting helped me leave school with high grades. I changed massively as a person and it’s helped me get my GCSE’s and into my A-levels and hopefully I will now go to university. Without my fellow Scouts and volunteers I wouldn’t have had the support to get my life back on track.’

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