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Better Prepared Sonny

Better Prepared will ensure Scouting is there for those that need it most; helping to prepare more young people throughout the UK for a brighter future. Sonny explains why Scouts changed his life...


‘Scouting’s helped me because when I wasn’t in Scouts I used to always be around my mum all the time; I would never leave her side.

‘It’s changed since I was eight and went on my first camp. I got used to staying away from my Mum and my Dad. I’ve made loads of new friends, mostly on my 6th, 8th or 9th camp, but some on my first camp. When we go on camps, they look after me. Scouting helped me grow confidence.

‘I think Scouting is good for young people because it teaches you to help other people in the community, and elderly people, people in hospitals or are disabled might need help. I like the activities we do, especially rock climbing and archery. You don’t have to be strong or big to do archery because you can lean it on a board. We also went to the Olympics to watch volleyball.

‘I’ve done loads of other stuff with Cubs, like litter-picking and helping the elderly. Some weekends we go see the older people and cook them meals and do little quizzes for them. The older people are all alone in their house, so when they come to the church they get the chance to be with other people and have a nice meal. They get shocked because people don’t usually help them. They think that because we’re young it’s strange of us to help them.

‘Scouting is really fun and I like being able to help the community. When I’m there, I’m happy because I’m with my friends. I’d like loads of people to join Scouting because it could help them learn about stuff – like helping others.’

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