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Better Prepared will ensure Scouting is there for those that need it most; Florita explains why Scouts changed hers and her son’s life...


‘My son, Benjamin goes to Scouts and I’ve seen him grow from a shy boy to a confident one. He hasn’t been Scouting long but I’ve already seen a big difference.

‘The area where we live is quite depressing; there are not many opportunities for the youngsters. I’ve always been concerned that Ben would get involved with the wrong crowd, with gangs. But when he joined Scouts I wasn’t worried anymore, I was glad that he found Scouting. Now there is no time for him to hang around on the streets.

‘We still had to wait a year and a half until he could join; Scouts desperately need resources and leaders. Ben’s Scout leaders are the most wonderful people I have ever known; they have the patience from earth to heaven and back! They think of all the fun stuff to do. They see the kids that aren’t privileged enough to attend and help them out.

‘Before Ben joined the Scouts I didn’t know anyone in the community. After work I would go home and that was it; it is scary to go out in my area sometimes. But now I know a lot more people and they’re great. I always encourage the parents to join and help make it successful. I think it becomes more of a community when the parent and child are involved.

‘At first, I was worried that the Scouts would be expensive. Financially, we’re not that well off. I only earn enough to live; I’m not ashamed to say that. The Scout Group has been incredibly supportive. They help the young people who cannot afford the trips or little things by fundraising. Without this type of support, Ben would not be able to access the opportunities and experiences that Scouts offer, with his trips to the Lake District and Switzerland. If there was no Scouts, I couldn’t afford to do it.’

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