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Better Prepared will ensure Scouting is there for those that need it most; Ben explains how Scouts had a huge impact on his life...


‘What I love about Scouting is having the opportunity to visit loads of different places and camps. This year I went on a trip to Kandersteg, Switzerland. I liked that a lot. We did loads of hikes and we went to an amazing water park. Scouting made me feel more confident because it’s not like at home where your parents do everything for you. At Scouts you have to do everything for yourself, and I’ve learned so many things that school doesn’t teach us. I call them life skills.

‘During a geography test at school we were doing map-based skills and I got an A because of what I’d learned at Scouts. I could also help my friends because none of them knew how to do it. I think more people should support Scouts so that young people can access these skills.

‘It’s really different to school, because at school you just learn Maths and English. At Scouts, you learn a lot more, like how to work on your own and develop yourself and it’s helped me to be more confident and make lots of new friends. I don’t think I’d have these opportunities if it weren’t for Scouting.

'If my Mum was speaking to you now, she’d say that Ben was really shy back in primary school and now he’s much more confident and made loads more friends. I think that is true.'

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