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Wayne 7 Aug

Wayne considered how the signs of Scouting’s success today can be found on our favourite TV shows. He also joined in the adventure and international camaraderie at Chamboree and WINGS international camps, and led Scouts at a service in Westminster Abbey to commemorate the First World War centenary.


An early start Monday morning got me to Cheshire’s County Showground where 5,200 Scouts and Guides from 40 countries were gathered for Chamboree. As well as an opportunity to get involved with many of the activities and judge some amazing camp gates, I was able to answer questions from adult leaders and meet up with the members of three Jamboree Units.


Tuesday morning and Windsor Castle’s Great Park was the venue for Berkshire Scout and Guides WINGS 2014. 6,000 Scouts and Guides from 41 countries were enjoying a week of adventure, challenge and fun with plenty of opportunities to learn about each other’s cultures.

First World War centenary

In between the two amazing camps, Julie and I were fortunate enough to join 16 fellow Scouts at Westminster Abbey for the national Solemn Commemoration of the Centenary of the Outbreak of the First World War. A wonderful mixture of poems, readings and music focused on glimpses into people’s sense of anticipation as the First World War loomed.  

As the service was broadcast it was good to see Scouts at the forefront, recognising the role and sacrifices made by young people and their leaders in supporting our communities at that time. There will be other times for remembrance over the next four years.  

Great product placement

The high profile presence of Scouting at national acts of commemoration, or in hosting events at venues like the Great Park are fantastic signs of the high standing in which Scouting is held – but perhaps the greatest sign of our successful transformation could be found on our televisions this week?

The appearance of a modern Scout Troop in BBC’s popular EastEnders, and the Scouting posters and bus billboards that you may have seen appearing in the fictional sets for this and ITV’s Coronation Street are perhaps the biggest evidence yet that our success is an everyday topic of conversation. Commercial companies pay a fortune for such product placement!


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