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Graduate and Scout Stephanie Sanderson talks about everyday adventure at uni...

Moving away to uni in September? Worried that you’ll miss out on Scouting? Never fear – SSAGOs are here so you can continue the adventure while you’re away. From fun and relaxing weekly meetings to national student rallies, universities all over the country run active SSAGOs (Student Scout and Guide Organisations) as part of their Student’s Unions.


SSAGOs are based in and around universities, so you’re saved the stress and cost of having to travel across your new town or city to find your local Group. They’re also run by students, for students. You get to shape your own experience by planning and running your own weekly socials and evening activities, from bouldering, night hikes and pioneering challenges to pudding nights!

National rallies and balls, organised by SSAGO clubs themselves, give you the chance to travel to meet other clubs and have that awesome camping experience that you might miss while you’re away from home.

Lucy Miller, a member of Cardiff SSAGS, wholly recommends getting involved: ‘Rallies bring together students in SSAGO clubs from all across the UK, which increases the amount of friends you can make, as well as meeting up with old ones.’

Find a Group

Scouting at university isn’t just about running events from your SU, either. If you miss being involved with a particular Scout section, don’t worry.

In Cardiff, Lucy found that SSAGS was able to put most members of the society in touch with Groups and many of them are now leaders across the university’s local Scouting and Guiding Districts. They also assist at local events such as Cardiff Gang Show, which has its perks as they got to see the show for free!

Get involved

The SSAGO website keeps a list of all the active clubs in the UK. You can join your university’s SSAGO in the same way as any other society: visit your Fresher’s Fair or contact your Student’s Union to find out how. If your university doesn’t have a SSAGO, why not start your own? Typically, all you need to do to start a society is find a handful of people who are interested too.

Chat to your Student’s Union to find out how they can support you, and make the most of your student experience!


You can also find your local Scout Group on the homepage.

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