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A quick Scout guide to surviving the summer music festivals...


Packing hacks for before you go

Pack shorts for every weather: they take up half the space of trousers, get your legs tanned in the sun and dry quickly in the rain.

Clothes pegs can be used for everything from hanging things and keeping snack packets closed to keeping your tent door shut if the zip breaks

Pack emergency tea, coffee and UHT milk. Nothing beats a good brew.


Camping in style

Don’t camp underneath pylons or trees, or at the bottom of a hill. Find flat ground with natural shelter like hedgerows instead.

If you haven’t got a mat to sleep on, dig a ‘hip hole’ before you put out your groundsheet. You’ll be loads comfier at night!

Put white or reflective tags on your guy lines so you don’t trip over them at night.

Arrange your tent layout with your mates to secure a social area in the middle. This will also give you a safe space to put your stove while you’re cooking.



If you’re not camped near any landmarks, use your pioneering skills and some paracord to make a flag to mark your spot.

Arrow Flag

A wind-up torch means you’ll never have to worry about finding spare batteries in the dark.


Lay wet clothes underneath your sleeping bag when you go to bed and the heat from your body will help dry them overnight.

Wellies are a festival essential. Take newspaper to stuff inside them if the insides get wet.


If you have a tall tent, rig a sheet or blanket across it to drop the inner height. It’ll help your tent to warm up faster on a cold night.


If it’s cold, keep your phone in your sleeping bag with you overnight: cold weather will sap the battery power.


In a crowd keep your arms in a guard position so you can keep some personal space and push your way out if you need to.


Avoid playsuits and onesies! Playsuits look great in the sun and onesies are fun but combine them with the festival portaloos and you’re in for a disaster.

Antibacterial hand gel and spare tissues are a must.

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