We want to partner up



As part of the new strategic plan, we are looking for help in delivering social action.

We are putting out a call for four strategic partners.

Having committed to creating 8,000 projects per year that make a positive impact in communities, we need partners to work with in developing hands-on, practical projects that support our 450,000 young girls and boys to take social action.

Scouting for All

The new 2014-18 strategic plan, Scouting For All, cements one of our four strategic objectives: ‘make a positive impact in communities’. We will be committing budget, staff time and assets from the likes of our hugely successful Scout Community Week and we will have support from our Chief Scout, Bear Grylls.

A million hands...

We want to hear your proposals for working with our half a million young people and adult volunteers to make a positive difference to the lives of others. A guide that outlines the needs and aims of our potential collaboration is available to read; please see A Million Hands Make Light Work (PDF) to learn more.

The Scout Association’s Chief Executive Matt Hyde, comments:

‘Since the Movement began, Scouts have promised to help other people. From running food banks to delivering meals on wheels, today Scouts take part in hundreds of projects that benefit their local areas. But while Scouts are active in their communities, there is too often little engagement with other people and organisations, as well as a lack of focus on impact or positive difference that has been made to others. We want to embrace and contribute to social change.’

If your organisation is interested in a potential partnership then contact Liam Burns, Head of Public Affairs on liam.burns@scouts.org.uk.

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