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Wayne joined Scouts from across Derbyshire for their Founders Day celebrations and presentations of this year’s Queen’s Scout Awards.

Jack Antliff and Daniel Sandbrook were born 80 years apart but they both share the same high achievement: Jack earning his King’s Scout Award in 1928 and Daniel his Queen’s Scout Award in 2013.

As we listened to both recount their amazing experiences at Derbyshire’s Founders Day celebrations, it was obvious that it isn’t just the Monarch that has changed over the 85 intervening years.

Both Jack and Daniel’s activities and experiences reflect the generation they lived in. A great adventure for Jack was a weekend camp a few miles into the countryside, while for Daniel it was a trip halfway around the world.  Jack was lucky enough to have met Baden-Powell, the very man whose life we were celebrating over the weekend, and he told stories of their adventures.

It struck me however, that in less obvious ways, many things had not changed that much, and it was clear that the favourite Scouting activities remained the simple outdoor and adventurous ones. In getting their top awards, both Jack and Daniel needed to demonstrate success in community service, leadership, teamwork and endurance, to name a few; skills that span generations.

As society again recognises the non-formal learning we offer, it has been great to celebrate the Founder’s birthday in the knowledge that Scouting in the UK is thriving, reflecting the generations and environments in which we live and retaining those values that have stood the test of time.


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