Scouts' Festival Survival Guide - Part 5: Mosh pits and long drops


Mosh Pits

You can apply Scouting know-how to practically any festival situation.

If you’re in the mosh pit keep your arms in a guard position (arms bent, hands near your shoulders) so they’re relatively free and you can quickly push through the crowd if you want to. Make sure that you stay hydrated and nourished; a few snacks concealed about your person means you won’t have to lose your spot in search of a burger van.

‘Avoid diuretic drinks or food such as coffee that stimulate your urinary system, otherwise you’ll be marooned in the toilet queue when your favourite band hits the stage,’ adds Katie Farnish, Marketing Assistant for Scout Activity Centres.  


Get up for an early morning ramble and take advantage of the toilet lull – they’re normally not as stinky at this time. Use the long drops rather than the ‘turdis’ Portaloos, which clog up quickly. A headover or shamagh will keep you warm and shaded when it’s sunny and are very handy dans the festival WC; use as a makeshift facemask to combat the stench. A bit of Vicks vaporub around the nostrils before you go in makes everything smell menthol-fresh.

‘Playsuits and onesies are a big no, no! They are all just too difficult to get in and out of. Wear boots/wellies and take small packets of tissues with you as they never have any toilet roll. Antibacterial hand gel and or wet wipes are always a must too,’ says Katie.


Gelert 1.5L hydration pouch, £7.50; Scouts 1Litre aluminium water bottle, £4; i.Scout 9 in 1 tube, £8.50; Shewee, £11.50.

The Scout Association currently has over 37,000 young people on its waiting lists so if you’d like to carry on the festival spirit, why not consider becoming an adult volunteer?

For more timeless Scouting advice check out Be Prepared - How to light a wet match and 199 other useful things to know (published by Simon & Schuster and available for £9.99 at Scout Shops).

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