Scouts' Festival Survival Guide - Part 4: Weather



Make sure your festival spirit doesn't dissolve in the rain.

The weather can make or break your festival experience so plan for all meteorological eventualities.

Weather wise

‘Wellies or waterproof walking boots are ideal for wet weather; good ankle support will help prevent a lot of injuries. Take newspaper to stuff in them overnight if they get wet,’ says Katie Farnish, Marketing Assistant for Scout Activity Centres. Wet clothes can be strung up between tents if it’s not raining or laid out underneath your sleeping bag; your body heat as you sleep will help to dry them. Keep feet clean and dry to prevent blisters and worse; change socks regularly and use talc to stop them getting sweaty.

‘If it’s scorching, keep cool in a hot day by wearing white or any light coloured clothing. Walking shoes, trainers or sturdy sandals, suncream and a wide-brimmed hat are essential and shoulders are always one of the first things to get burnt, so wear T-shirts rather than strappy vests.’

Sleep soundly

Irrespective of the daytime weather, it gets chilly at night so raise your body temperature pre-bedtime by eating a snack. There’s a saying: ‘One underneath is worth two on top' – you lose your body heat through the ground so make sure you have a layer between you and the groundsheet, ideally a roll mat and a blanket. Coats and jumpers are also good for additional ‘blanket’ layers on top of your sleeping bag. Stick a couple of handwarmers in your sleeping bag to warm it up and sleep in a woolly hat or in a hoodie with the hood up and fleecy socks.

Short tents warm faster so if you have a tall tent, rig a sheet to drop the inner height. Also air trapped between inner and outer acts as insulation, so keep kit away from the sides of your tent.


iScout microfleece top, £24; Silverpoint comfort hiker socks, £5; North Face beanie, £12; Scout baseball cap, £6.50.

The Scout Association currently has over 37,000 young people on its waiting lists so if you’d like to carry on the festival spirit, why not consider becoming an adult volunteer?

For more timeless Scouting advice check out Be Prepared - How to light a wet match and 199 other useful things to know (published by Simon & Schuster and available for £9.99 at Scout Shops).

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