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World Space Week 2013 runs from 4 to 10 October. We're celebrating with a series of daily blog posts, giving you the chance to learn more about the links between Scouts and space, check out what UK Scouts have been up to and get some activity ideas and inspiration to explore the final frontier for yourself.

Scouts in space   Day 1: Scouts in space

Scouts and space have some impressive links. Did you know that NASA astronaut Neil Armstrong took a World Scout Badge with him to the moon?

Learn more stellar space facts in the first of our series of Scout space blogs.

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World Space Week - Curiosity Rover   Day 2:

The Red Planet

The focus of World Space Week 2013 is the planet Mars, which is currently being explored by NASA's Curiosity rover.

Find out how Scouts have been programming their own mini Mars rover...

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World Space Week - Simon the Frog   Day 3:

Up, up and away

We’re celebrating World Space Week with a rundown of some amazing Scout endeavours.

One Scout troop sent their mascot, Simon the Frog, to the edge of space by attaching him to a high-altitude weather balloon.

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World Space Week - Scout rockets   Day 4:

Rocket power

Enjoying our World Space Week series of blogs? Today we’re blasting off with Scouts who have built and launched their own rockets.

Here are our picks of the great Scout rocketry projects that take place across the UK.

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World Space Week - Tim Peake   Day 5:

Meeting an astronaut

Read exclusive excerpts from an interview with British European Space Agency astronaut Tim Peake, who'll blast off on a mission to the International Space Station in 2015.

Tim's a proud supporter of the Astronautics Activity Badge for Scouts, sponsored by the UK Space Agency.

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World Space Week - Jodrell Bank   Day 6:

Look to the stars

Ever looked up and marvelled at all the stars in the night sky?

Get involved in World Space Week by exploring the night sky, using these great astronomy resources for young people developed by the Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre.

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World Space Week - International Space Station   Day 7:

Out-of-this-world activities

A chance to get creative for World Space Week, with some free activity ideas that will help young people find out more about spacecraft and life on other planets.

These projects are taken from the Scout Astronautics Badge Activity Pack, sponsored by the UK Space Agency.

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