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The Scout Association has been ranked one of the most trusted institutions in the UK.

nfpSynergy, a research consultancy, which advises charities on branding and communications issues, has just published its Charity Awareness Monitor, a survey of public trust in different institutions.

It highlights the extent to which the public has fallen out of love with the National Health Service in the aftermath of the recent hospital scandals.

The NHS, previously second only to the Armed Forces in public affection, has slipped to third behind The Scout Association and The Guide Association. Overall, trust in charities has increased for the third successive year.

The BBC, battered by a number of revelations has also seen a sharp drop in trust, causing it to fall four places in the survey.

Politicians remain the least trusted group in society, while insurance companies and multinationals languish below banks and newspapers in the rankings.

UK Chief Commissioner Wayne Bulpitt said: 'We are delighted that more and more people are recognising the benefits that Scouting brings to communities across the United Kingdom.'

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