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Scouts don't get bored – we've been having fun and going on adventures for more than a century. So if your kids find themselves at a loose end, Scouts can help. Keep them amused with our list of 42 thrifty things to do. That’s one for every day of the school holidays!

Week six:

36. Learn a magic trick. World Magic Shops, sponsors of the Scout Entertainer badge, have produced some amazing video tutorials to teach terrific tricks with simple props, like a pack of cards. Visit them online and you'll be as good as Dynamo in no time.

37. Fly a kite. Check out this step-by-step guide from Scout Activity Centres to building your own kite. Then all you need is a windy day to get up, up and away!

38. Take on the doughnut challenge. Thread doughnuts on a rope and tie it between two trees. See who can eat their doughnut the quickest without using their hands. This one makes a great party game!

39. ID a tree. Trees are everywhere, but do you know one species from another? Look up some common leaf patterns and see how many types you can spot in your local area. Why not press some leaves and start a nature scrapbook? Use it to draw common trees and record where you saw them.

40. Be a ladybird detective. Have you noticed that many ladybirds look slightly different? That's because there are 26 types of true ladybird found in the UK, and they come in many different sizes and patterns. Use a spotting sheet to help identify any that you find.

41. Build a natural shelter. A simple shelter in the woods can be created from sturdy branches, foliage and leaf litter. A well-constructed shelter makes a great den and knowing how to build one is a vital survival skill.

42. Lay a trail. Signs and arrows can be made from stones and sticks to make a trail for others to follow. It's a traditional Scouting skill that makes a great day out in the woods.


Like these activities? Get involved in Scouts and have an adventure every day:

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