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Scouts don't get bored – we've been having fun and going on adventures for more than a century. So if your kids find themselves at a loose end, Scouts can help. Keep them amused with our list of 42 thrifty things to do. That’s one for every day of the school holidays!

Week five:

29. Draw and animate your own characters by constructing a simple zoetrope. Come up with a cartoon strip and make it move before your very eyes!

30. Stage a scavenger hunt. Can your kids race to find a list of items in your house, garden or local park? Make sure you've got a prize for the winner…

31. Make a rubber-band helicopter from card, lolly sticks, paperclips, an elastic band and a plastic propeller (which can be bought online for about 25p). How high can you fly? Here’s a great step-by-step instructable.

32. Try free running. It’s one of the world's fastest-growing sports, and can be seen in almost every new Hollywood action movie. Yet all you need is a pair of trainers. Start small and gradually build up your repertoire of moves to stay safe. Check out freerunning expert Dan Edwardes' take on the benefits of this all-action pursuit.

33. Go beachcombing. It's amazing what washes up on our shores. Take advantage of a trip to the seaside to see what flotsam and jetsam you can find. Collect some and use it to create some cool beach art.

34. Skim stones. It's a classic pastime that never fails to amuse. How many 'skips' can you manage? Which stones are best for skimming?

35. Carve an atlatl. This is a traditional throwing spear, which can be made from a straight stick and a forked branch. Throw them at targets or balloons, but never at other people or animals.


Like these activities? Get involved in Scouts and have an adventure every day:

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