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Scouts don't get bored – we've been having fun and going on adventures for more than a century. So if your kids find themselves at a loose end, Scouts can help. Keep them amused with our list of 42 thrifty things to do. That’s one for every day of the school holidays!

Week four:

22. Put together a piñata. This hollow structure filled with sweets is an essential part of traditional Mexican celebrations. They are often made in the shape of an animal's head, such as a donkey or an ox, but you can make a simple version from papier-mâché, sculpted around an inflated balloon.

23. Take on a whittling project and fashion something from a piece of wood (or, for younger ones, a bar of soap). Try carving your favourite animal. You only need a small pocket knife – remember to use it safely.

24. Make a stick lantern. Create a framework from sticks and stick them together with masking tape, then add a tea light or an LED light and use PVA to cover the lantern with tissue paper.

25. Look for buried treasure. Become an archaeologist for the day and mark out a space to dig in a garden or field. Try to find a space where there's a good chance of unearthing some interesting artefacts. Common finds includes pieces of glass, pottery, broken pipe stems, animal bones, coins and much more.

26. Construct a wormery. Investigate the living world and see worms in action by making your own wormery from an empty drinks bottle. Download Rolls-Royce's scientist activity pack for instructions.

27. Learn circus skills with homemade juggling balls and poi. They're cheap to make and lots of fun!

28. Make a bird ball feeder. Knot a short length of rope and then mix lard, nuts and birdseed together. Mould the mix into a ball around the end of the rope and hang it in your garden.

Like these activities? Get involved in Scouts and have an adventure every day:

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