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Scouts don't get bored – we've been having fun and going on adventures for more than a century. So if your kids find themselves at a loose end, Scouts can help. Keep them amused with our list of 42 thrifty things to do. That’s one for every day of the school holidays!

Week two:

8. Play pooh sticks. This timeless game was invented by A. A. Milne, author of the Winnie the Pooh books. Choose a distinctive stick each, and on the count of three, drop them off the upstream side of a bridge. Run to the downstream side and see whose stick appears first.

9. Dine in the great outdoors. Camp out, light a fire and get stuck in to some backwoods cooking. Why not toast marshmallows, make dampers (dough twists) or even ponass a trout?

10. Build a bug hotel. The National Trust, the Natural History Museum and The Wildlife Trusts all support the Cub Naturalist Badge. Try out their 'bug hotel' activity to provide a home for all sorts of insects from beetles to bees.

11. Form a human table. This one needs four friends and good teamwork! Sit on four stools arranged in a tight square. Lean back so that each person's head is resting on the next person's knees. Then lift your hips off the stools, and get someone to slide them away. How long can you manage to stay up?

12. Make a mini cork raft. Three corks, some string, a few twigs and a large leaf or piece of scrap paper makes a great raft. Race them in a shallow stream and see who can sail farthest.

13. Get fit and have fun by visiting an adventure playground, a trim trail or an outdoor gym. Challenge your kids to beat their personal best.

14. Learn how to spot animal tracks and sign. Head into a local park or woodland and see if you can spot signs of animals with our essential tracking guide from bushcraft expert Paul Kirtley.

Like these activities? Get involved in Scouts and have an adventure every day:

And you can read part 1 of our summer holidays series here.

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