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Scouts don't get bored – we've been having fun and going on adventures for more than a century. So if your kids find themselves at a loose end, Scouts can help. Keep them amused with our list of 42 thrifty things to do. That’s one for every day of the school holidays!

Week one:

1. Do some light painting. Make some amazing art with the aid of nothing more than a camera and some coloured lights. Why not create your own light graffiti tag?

2. Build your own catapult. Scouts are great at constructing all manner of things from sticks and rope; an activity called pioneering. Check out this great resource from Discovery Channel, which will teach you how to build an amazing catapult.

3. Make a sock monster. Recycle odd socks and make a fearsome creation of your own to play with. Download Hobbycraft's creative activity pack for instructions.

4. Go geocaching. Hunt for caches in your local area. All you need is a GPS device or a smartphone. Read Scout Leader Eddie Langdown's essential guide to this addictive activity.

5. Race balloon rockets. All you need are drinking straws, card, balloons, clothes pegs and string. Download this great activity pack from Rolls-Royce to find out how to make your own balloon rockets.

6. Build a bird box. Providing a place for garden birds to nest is a great way to help  conservation of local wildlife. Check out this great 'how to' video from Scouts' partner B&Q.

7. Go butterfly spotting. Do you know an Essex Skipper from a Red Admiral? Can you spot a Holly Blue or a Cabbage White in your garden? Butterflies are some of the UK's most striking and distinctive minibeasts – see how many types you can identify.

Like these activities? Get involved in Scouts and have an adventure every day: 

And you can read part 2 of our summer holidays series here.


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