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Name: Kayleigh Ann Walters
Age: 18
Location: Birmingham
Scout group: Sutton Coldfield Scouts

Favourite Scout activity: My fave activity is camping because you enjoy the freedom and having independence. I always make new friends every time I go on a camp. And as a leader, it's my duty to look after the children and make sure they have an enjoyable camping experience. I love a good challenge.


Favourite band: My girl band - The Saturdays. I love their music and I'd like to be as successful as them. My fave boy band - obviously is One Direction. I think they are beautiful and I love their songs.

The -saturdays -1-1350386681-custom -0

Favourite film: Pitch Perfect. I love the songs in the film and how they are created without backing. It's very creative and inspiring film.

Pitch Perfect

Favourite book: The Hunger Games. I am currently reading the second book and I can't wait for the film to come out. 

Catching -fire -movie

Favourite song: It changes a lot but at the moment I love Roar by Katy Perry. She sings it and means every word she sings and it's very uplifting.

Favourite food: Chinese take out.

Chinese -takeaway

What super power would you have? To be able to fly. So I wouldn't have to pay for car insurance!

Why should people support Let it Out? 

A) It's a fantastic catchy song and a lot of hard work went into it.
B) It's raising money for a worthy cause.
C) It would put Scouting on the map if it was to get into the charts.
D) It would make my dreams come true.



Let's get Scouts to #1!

The Bright Sparks single 'Let it Out' is available to pre-order. Click here to buy it from iTunes


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