Chief Commissioner's blog| Scouts speak up – we certainly do

The theme of partnerships continued this week as Wayne met senior teams to discuss our strategy and attended a 'Scouts Speak Up' event in Manchester with Chief Executive Matt Hyde.

Working together

A crucial partnership is that between my team, the Board of Trustees and the senior staff management team (the teams reporting to the ‘key three’ of Chairman, UK Chief Commissioner and Chief Executive). We discussed how to take our strategy forward and collated a wide variety of information, including an external survey and initial feedback from the membership survey.  

We also looked at the key strands of our strategy: to be shaped by young people in partnership with others; to be inclusive and growing; and to achieve community impact. Collectively we brought together many ideas, which will be developed over the coming months and circulated early next year. This included some exciting ways to gather people’s views, especially those of our young people and young adults, to ensure they are truly reflected in the strategy.

Active citizens

A long train journey provided Matt Hyde and I with a good opportunity to catch up and reflect on the many exciting things happening just now (and the odd challenge too).

We joined 90 Explorer Scouts and Scout Network members from across England, Scotland and Wales at Manchester Town Hall for the latest of our Scouts Speak Up discussions. We were delighted that 20 Conservative MPs and local Councillors joined us. I was, as ever, impressed by the quality of the debate.

You can listen to my interview with the great volunteers from Scout Radio at the event to hear for yourself what it was really like.

To come

I had an encouraging catch-up in Manchester on Monday about the exciting development projects underway there. I look forward to sharing details of this and other projects with you.

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