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A couple of emails and discussions have cropped up over the last few weeks with a common theme around money.

Affordable Scout Network programmes

In a conversation with a rural fledgling Scout Network where the members either work long hours to balance their budgets or are studying, both money and time are of the essence. They are having difficulty in coming up with programme ideas that are both fun but also affordable to them. Summer isn’t too difficult, but winter they find much harder. They have looked through conventional sources such as Programmes Online but have so far been uninspired.

This is a wider issue that the 18-25 Project Team is looking into, however, it occurred to me in the short term that there are many of you out there who have overcome similar challenges and I wonder if you might share your ideas?

Gift aid and start-up grants

As you know, the development of Scouting is a big theme of mine and in various discussions recently I’ve been surprised to learn of the reluctance of some new sections and Groups to apply for the start-up grant of £100 from the Development Grants Board (DGB). I’m even more surprised that one of the reasons often cited is that a Group needs to have Gift Aid collection arrangements in place and they find this difficult to do. 

I am surprised because many other groups I come across find Gift Aid a significant and administratively straightforward means of raising much-needed funds. You may wish to check out more information on Gift Aid; contact the Information Centre if you need any assistance.

While the £100 start-up grants may not feel particularly significant, they are a simple and quick way of helping fund your new section and of course bring with them a 50% discount on the first year’s membership fees for your new members. 

Well worth the trouble I’m sure you will agree.

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