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In June Hampshire Scouts Ambassador and adventurer James Ketchell embarked on his latest challenge: an epic 18,000 mile-long cycle ride through 20 countries, including India and Australia, to raise awareness of Scouting and funds for charity ELIFAR. Once this amazing adventure is over, he’ll be the first man to have rowed the Atlantic, climbed Everest and cycled around the world.

Catch up on James’s latest escapades in the blog below and read about the first two months of his epic ride here.

When I crossed from Thailand into Malaysia, I came across a group of locals who were out cycling on road bikes. I told them were I was going and they were heading there too. They took me on a more scenic coastal route than I had planned, which was amazing. One of the guys kindly showed me to a good budget hotel and we went out for some dinner. I really enjoyed that day!

I decided to finish Asia off with a bang and cycled the 262 miles from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore non-stop.  When I arrived in Singapore, a very good friend of mine, Chris, was there on business. It would have been crazy not to go out and sample the Singapore nightlife. I was very impressed indeed, it was a fun night out and one I won’t forget in a while!

Here are a few stats from my Bangkok to Singapore leg:

Total miles cycled - 1,253 in 10 days
Average miles per day – 125.3
Number of punctures – 1
Average number of calories burnt per day - between 6,000 and 8,000

I flew to Perth, Australia and made it through the famous Nullarbor Plain. It’s not sandy at all, but bright orange dirt and scrubland as far as the eye can see. It’s very remote but there were a lot more people travelling on it than I expected.

Every twenty minutes a road train or car towing a caravan would pass, waving at me. You haven’t seen a truck until you come out to Australia and see some of their road trains - quite impressive!

Half way across the Nullarbor, I bumped into two guys cycling from east to west. One of them was cycling around the world and had been doing so since 2010. The other guy was cycling from Melbourne to Perth for his Granddad’s 100th birthday.

I had a great time in Sydney. I gave a talk to one of my sponsors, which was fun, then saw a fantastic firework display over Sydney Harbour.

Cycling in Australia was quite challenging on some days. The wind was very tough but it could also be very useful. The temperature was over 37 degrees most days and that could make cycling difficult, so I left just at the right time.

I met so many amazing people out there. I need to say a massive thank you and very well done to my friend Michelle who cycled with me from Port Lincoln to Sydney, having never done more than 100 miles before.

From Brisbane I flew to Chicago. I was invited to speak at an event for Chicago Ideas Week which was a fantastic experience. A big thank you to Venece for taking me to Chicago’s best deep pan pizza restaurant!

Chicago is a great city and is very well-equipped for cycling. From there, I’m heading west towards northern California.

I’m half way around the world now so every mile I cycle is getting me closer to home. It’s amazing how quickly the time has gone since leaving Greenwich Park in June.

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