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Alex Bright Sparks2

Name: Alex
Age: 15
Location: Grays, Essex
Scout group/type: Aquila ESU

Favourite thing about being in Bright Sparks: My favourite thing would probably be the opportunity as a whole.  Also liked meeting new people from all over the country.  I learnt how to remix properly and the procedures DJs use.  I liked the whole experience.

Favourite Scouts activity: In my 11 years of Scouts my favourite activity was going to Switzerland. It was a culture exchange.


Favourite band: My favourite band would be Fun because they are a amazing band and sing some great songs.

Favourite film:  My favourite film is a recent one Fast and Furious 6

Fastand Furious 6-teaserposter

Favourite book: Bear Grylls Mud Sweat and Tears – his biography



Desert Island Disk: Adele – Rolling in the Deep

Adele -Rolling _In _The _Deep

Favourite food: Definitely Pepperoni Pizza, I have it once a week

Guilty Pleasure: Eating way too much pizza


Cats or dogs: Definitely dogs seeing as I have two of them – Meg and Eddie – both greyhounds

800px -Grace The Greyhound

What would your superpower be? I would love to be invisible then I would be able to get on a plane for free and visit any country

Why support Bright Sparks – Let It Out? People should support the song as it has been made by some very talented people.  The song is a showcase of their ability and shows what true Scouting is about. 



Let's get Scouts to #1!

The Bright Sparks single 'Let it Out' is available to pre-order. Click here to buy it from iTunes



Main photo: Tom White 

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