Scouts speak up in Manchester

Scouts speak up Manchester

Nearly one hundred Scouts from across the UK had the opportunity to meet MPs at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester on Sunday.

The Scouts Speak Up events provide young people with a platform to talk to their MPs about the issues that affect them, allowing them to discuss how they can create positive change.

Diverse topics

The first part of the event consisted of round-table discussions between the Scouts and 12 MPs on issues selected by the young people themselves. A question and answer session concluded the event, covering a diverse range of topics such as employment, public transport and votes at 16.   

Adil Sait, a Scout from 4th Poplar, said: 'Being a Scout increases youth awareness and participation in community groups. It helps to bring different communities together. This event was a fantastic opportunity to meet MPs and talk about the issues that matter to us.'

Unique experience

Graham Evans MP commented: 'Scouting does great things for the local community. It crosses age boundaries and encourages young people to relate better to older adults. We need more intergenerational understanding in modern communities and Scouting offers that unique experience.'

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