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Wayne discusses the recent all-staff conference at Gilwell Park...

Developing partnerships

Last week 280 staff gathered at Gilwell Park to hear from Matt Hyde, CEO (who shared his initial observations of TSA) and to discuss progress with the Vision 2018 and the part they play in supporting and growing Scouting.

Building effective partnerships has been a theme of mine, especially during the past few weeks, so the chance to participate in our first staff conference for a long time was the perfect opportunity to stand with Matt to discuss what our Vision 2018 and our amazing partnerships mean in practice and to identify ways we can make them even better.

All equal in having great ideas

I’m always conscious that in proudly talking of Scouting’s great strength of being a volunteer-led Movement, our staff could find that more than a little demoralising. But they certainly shouldn’t. Nobody, irrespective of role, has exclusivity in identifying great ideas and making a real difference. I’m often reminded of a quote from Henry Ford: ‘Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.’ It is at this later step where we need to be.

From all corners

Certainly our national initiatives would largely fail without an effective partnership between staff and volunteers as well as in many other aspects of our Scouting.

All together it was great to see staff from every department and physical location of HQ but also from the devolved country HQs in Scotland, NI and Wales. While independent from Gilwell, the value of an effective partnership is as clear there as anywhere.

Great also that a few national volunteers were also able to participate.

A great stepping stone

All in all it was great two days, leaving me and others brimming with even more confidence in the potential of our staff and great partnerships.


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