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One man showed amazing Scout courage in the face of adversity and continues to inspire.

Tremendous courage

In 1984, at the age of 7, Cub Scout Greig Trout was diagnosed with cancer. Treated by Sir Alan Craft, surgeon and now Chairman of The Scout Association, Greig survived the ordeal and showed incredible valour during a difficult time, receiving the Cornwell Badge for Bravery.

Sadly, Greig was diagnosed again at the age of 30, but once again he received treatment and in 2012, was given his two-year all-clear. While his bravery is inspiring enough, he decided to use his experience and his Scouting spirit to help others diagnosed with cancer.

Hope through adventure

Greig set up a website designed to inspire those living through cancer to believe they can get better, by showcasing the amazing things he’s doing as a survivor. He also hopes to give people exciting and motivational ideas of things to look forward to when they are better.

His website 100 Things To Do When You Survive includes blogs and videos from his travels and adventures around the world. His ‘to-do’ list so far includes climbing a volcano, volunteering for Raleigh International in Costa Rica (pictured, with Greig in the red top) and spending a whole day when he doesn’t think about cancer. He’s already conquered all three.

Greig says: ‘I have always enjoyed helping others and learning to live in the outdoors. These are some of the many things I learned during my time as a Cub Scout. Working with young people has been one of my most rewarding experiences.’

‘One brave man’

UK Chief Scout Bear Grylls commented on Greig’s amazing outlook on life: ‘Greig is truly one brave man and is determined to shine a light and help and inspire those who have faced real battles – I admire his courage and resolve so much.’

Check out Greig’s website, 101thingstodowhenyousurvive.com, to keep up to date with his adventures and to read more about his amazing story. You can also follow Greig on Twitter.

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