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As he continued his visits to camps across the UK and met a wide range of people, Wayne was continually reminded of the impact Scouting has.

Having spent nine days visiting nine international camps, attended by over 20,000 Scouts and Guides, I have an endless bank of anecdotal stories that truly reflect the very essence of Scouting and Guiding; young people learning by doing, making new friends, helping others and generally boosting their personal development in a fun way.

Fun for everybody

All this was achieved by volunteers working together adapting to changing circumstances not to mention weather and also largely having fun themselves in the process.

It also provided an opportunity to listen to the views, frustrations and aspirations of young people and adults with their Scouting experience.

Have your own say

I’m pleased to say that everybody has an opportunity to share their thoughts on Scouting today through the arrival of the first Member Survey. Please ensure you complete it by 8 September.

Yes, they are all really volunteers

As I observed last week, people unfamiliar with Scouting and Guiding are surprised when you point out that leaders are not only volunteers, but that they’re usually giving up annual leave entitlement AND paying for the pleasure. They are also totally amazed that the events provided have been planned, organised and ran to exceptionally high standards too.

Confirmation that volunteering is good for job prospects too

It was great timing then when I stumbled across an independent survey this week, evidencing what we already know, that being a regular volunteer significantly increases the probability of obtaining employment.

Make the most of these opportunities

It would be great if we could consistently promote the value of volunteering at every opportunity. Make the most of your summer activities, through ideas like The Big Adventure (inviting parents to help you) or why not encourage your young people to report back to members of your local community on the fun?


Photo credit to Stuart Nimmo

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